Monday, October 27, 2008

Chiken Cacciatore Redux

Or maybe it is chicken cacciatore echo ... in any case it was pointed out to me that I misspelled chicken cacciatore in my earlier post. I grabbed it off the webthen and I did so again, so ... it may still be misspelled, no trusting the web for spelling accuracy. In any case I think folks got the intent ... oh yeah, tonite was leftovers of the chicken cacciatore with a salad and a merlot blend (The Jack) from Walla Walla. Not as good as the first night, but still a solid dinner.

Mary asked me "What was the most exciting thing you did today?" Answer, I took the 30 2x4 cedar boards from the garage and I laid them out in the sunshine. We had a beautiful October day today, mid-60s here in Federal Way. I have been "aging" the wood in the garage with plans to prefinish it in a week or 2 and then with a contractor friend upgrade our front porch. Last year we put in a real centerpiece front door and it is past time to improve the deck to match the quality of the door. We (I) hemmed and hahhed on the choice of deck, synthetic or cedar and in the end opted for cedar cause I just am not an affeciando of the synthetic deck products. Anyway, it is hard to find great cedar these days, too much sapwood in what is available, but that said we found some pretty good wood and will have a great deck when we are done. This is a pic of "the door" before the new deck, oh yeah and after the new paint job. I will add the new deck in a later blog.
More later ...

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Hoag said...

Redoing the front deck? That will be quite the task, but it will really round out that beautiful, new front door quite nicely!!

Cara and I are looking forward to a weekend of painting...if that doesn't spell F-U-N, then I don't know what does!!