Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chicken Catchatori

I am currently on notice from my job at Weyerhaeuser. That means I have been given my 60 days notice and during this time I am able to work with provided outplacement services to find new work. This has been fairly rigorous, but much less so than my prior job. I have updated my resume (several times), attended workshops (mostly by phone) and I am learning about all the various ways to distribute resumes and look for work through job boards, other company websites, networking, LinkedIn and on and on. So far I have kept my search to Weyerhaeuser and with luck and a killer resume I will find a great job here. And because I do not currently have a daily commitment in my Weyerhaeuser office I have been mostly working from home, with occasional trips into the "real" office.

I know this work arrangement has some longterm downsides, at some point the paychecks will stop, but with Mary working fulltime this fall it has some advantages. It really has been nice to change routines and to stop travelling for now. Here at home I have taken over primary responsibility for most meals. For a long time now, I have been the lead on preparing breakfast, each of us would do our own lunches and then Mary would do dinners. Well this fall I have taken over the majority of the dinners too and am enjoying cooking dinners again. Last night - Friday - I prepared Chicken Catchatori and if I do say so myself it was great. We had it with a Rigatoni (pasta) and a Sangiovese/Cabernet blend wine from eastern Washington.

Today, Mary has been grading papers and I have done some prep work for a deck project we are doing. I started to replace a light switch in the hall, but when I got into it I realized I was dealing with a 4-way switch and I had bought a 3-way. Now I have a good excuse to go get the right switch at Ace Hardware and then to drop into Metropolitan Market (next door) for the Spainish wine tasting. After that will come home and watch the VOLUNTEERS vs Alabama and the World Series with Jamie Moyer starting for the Phillies. I am more of a Tampa fan this year, but tonight I will be pulling for Jamie to win. Sunday I will get back to the 4-way switch.


Hoag said...

MMMMmmmm...chicken catchatori...that sounds delicious!! Any leftovers?


It's so fun that you're blogging - Cara and I enjoy snuggling up together to read them together!! Keep up the good work!

Cara said...

It is very cool that your blogging. You're so hip Mike!

And nice work on the chicken catchatori. I'd ask for the recipe but I doubt Matt and I will be that ambitious anytime soon!