Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Sunday, March 29, and believe it or not today we woke up to a wet snow on the ground. It's as if this winter just won't let go. A couple of winters like this and I expect the din surrounding global warming will subside and may even be replaced with the threat of next Ice Age.

This afternoon the sun is out, appropriate for Sunday, and Mary and I did a long walk - 4 miles - which is the longest walk for me since November when my back flared up on me. It felt good and came home to find that Michigan State beat Louisville to advance to the Final Four and left me with none of my selected teams making it to the Final Four - BTW I was rooting for Michigan State, not wanting to see 3 Big East teams in the final 4. And now my hope rests for the finals - either Michigan State or Villanova.

It was a productive weekend. I finished my taxes yesterday and we have a few dollars coming back which is always nicer (at least to me) than having to send another check - just so it's not too much. I also bought a new lawn mower, the deck on the old one was dangerously corroded. I looked longingly at some Honda lawnmowers with their composite deck, but ended up opting for another Toro, but this time one that is self-propelled. At the end of the day I just could not justify the added cost of the Honda. I probably should be outside testing the new mower on the lawn, which if I don't do today, I may not get back to it for a couple of weeks. Next cut is the official first cut of the new season.

Next weekend we are off to Pacific City, Oregon to visit our friends Russ and Carol Paine. It is Birding and Blues weekend, and we will take in a few events but the real fun is spending time with Russ and Carol. They are our #1 wine buddies and we usually get in some games and often a movie along with the B&B activities which are capped by a dance band on Saturday night. I think this will be our 4th B&B. Click here for some Pacific City images from past trips.

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