Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Acute Angles and Election Day

It is early November here in the Northwest, the sun is on its march to its winter solstice. The days are short and last weekend they seemed to get a little shorter with the return to Standard Time. Do you like that extra hour that we get back each fall, the one they take away each spring? Anyway, the arc of the sun this time of the year is so short, the sunshine comes at us at acute angles, like dawn and dusk even at mid-day. If you are driving in the direction of the sun, (and it is clear) the sun will be in your eyes. I heard once that Seattle has the highest per capita purchase of sun glasses of any city in the US which seemed a bit of a paradox given the reputation for rain, but when the sun is out you need the sun glasses. Especially those times you may be driving down the highway in the rain and the road spray is all around and then all of a sudden you have a sun break, you will wish you had your sun glasses ready at those times.

Today's color is BLUE or probably more appropriately Red, White and Blue! It was with great pleasure and hope that I watched Barack Obama make his acceptance speech tonight. I think he is a person who is well aware of and admits to his own faults, who listens to and understands all sides of an argument, who has demonstrated a great skill in managing an election and building a team of advisers that represent many of this nations best minds. He has pulled himself up from modest beginnings with his insatiable desire to achieve the American Dream, and he recognizes this as a dream to be shared with and for every man, woman and child in this country.

I was also gratified listening to Barack Obama and John McCain speak to a spirit of cooperation. This is sorely needed after such a long and hard campaign. It is just amazing to me that this (young) man, has ascended this political mountain. The path ahead is full of huge obstacles, unimaginable complexity and risks that will challenge us all. In leading us, our new president is key to setting the tone, we all share in the responsibility to find and create the solutions we need to succeed.

May God Bless Barack Obama and his family, and may God Bless the United States of America.



Hoag said...

Ditto. I feel a great sense of pride, hope, and optimism for the years ahead today! The challenges that lie ahead, not just for Americans but for the broader global community, are plentiful and daunting. But, with hard work, cooperation, communication, and perserverance...all mixed with a dash of hope. We've got all we need to succeed. I think Barack is the perfect person to lead this great nation at this point in our history as he exudes each of these qualities to the "T" in my humble opinion.

Also, I hope your procedure went smoothly!! Cheers, daddy-o!!

DaddyHoag said...

Yes the procedure went just fine and I have much greater respect for solid food ... which I am eating again.
Thanks Matt

Ada said...

Hey Mike!! It's so great we can enjoy your writing skills through your blog! Keep it up!!

James and Ada :)